Major industries of using carrageenan

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Seaweed farms like this one on Nusa Lembongan Island, in Indonesia, are the main sources of carrageenan.

Carrageenan is a very common organic product, which has many more advantages in many industries. The carrageenan has been used directly in some industries and used indirectly in some other industries.

There three common industries which use the carrageenan in their productivity list, which is listed and explained below,

  • Medical industry,
  • Food industry,
  • Cosmetic industry,

Medical industry:

The carrageenan is a widely used medicinal product which is helpful in treating almost every health problems starting from a simple cough to difficult intestinal problems. This can be achieved by adding the carrageenan as an active content in tablets.

The carrageenan has properties like it can able to reduce the muscle pain and swelling, Due to this property the carrageenan is used as a bulk laxative ingredient to cure the peptic ulcer problems. The carrageenan is widely used mainly for the cough relief problems.

Food industry:

Most of the times the carrageenan was introduced as an organic food ingredient only, due to the demands use of carrageenan in the food industry. Even though the carrageenan has no vitamin and mineral content values, the chemical composition properties of carrageenan are made it as a vital ingredient in food processing.

For example, the carrageenan is safe and will act as a thickening agent in liquid food items like milk. There are no milk products with the inclusion of carrageenan within that.

Cosmetic industry:

The cosmetic industry is an another one big platform of carrageenan usage. Most of the cosmetic products available in the market are having carrageenan content definitely. The texturing property of carrageenan takes a vital role in finishing the outer look of the cosmetic products.

Some of the cosmetic items which come in the form of powder also include the carrageenan as an ingredient in it to get the smoothest form of cosmetic powders.