The Truth about Carrageenan and Poligeenan

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If you have been wondering is carrageenan bad because of the many negative rumors and claims, you need to know that there has been wrong accusations and false claims about the substance. In order to determine whether the substance is truly toxic and dangerous for you, collect the facts properly and correctly so you can make a wiser decision and option.

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The Truth about Carrageenan

Carrageenan is extracted from the red algae. Besides carrageenan, the red algae can also be turned to poligeenan. Whereas the carrageenan is safe, the poligeenan is totally dangerous. Carrageenan only needs to be soaked and boiled in water or milk to produce the gel. It doesn’t involve any dangerous procedure or whatsoever.

The poligeenan, on the other hand, is produced through dangerous systems and process which also includes acid wash and chemical addition. Whereas the carrageenan is safe and used in the modern food industry, the poligeenan is dangerous and has never been used in any food processing for the last 100 years.

In short, both the carrageenan and poligeenan share different characteristics and traits although they may come from the same source. The processing procedures are different and so are the final results so there is no logical foundation or common sense to say that carrageenan is dangerous.

Some people, however, believe that it is possible that the safe carrageenan will be turned to the poligeenan by the digestive system. They say that you may be consuming the safe carrageenan but in the end, it is the dangerous poligeenan that ends up in your system.

The good thing is, such ‘scientific fact’ is not true. It takes the industrial grade of chemical procedure and processing to turn the carrageenan into a poligeenan and your system isn’t cut for it. It would be impossible for the carrageenan to turn into a poligeenan without the proper processing. But be sure that your digestive system won’t be able to do such thing.